Double D Trailers

Double D Trailers, INC. is a family owned business by two brothers, Brad and Bartley Heath.

Double D Trailers began in 1994 as a retail store which sold horse feed, tack, cattle supplies and hay equipment — In December 1997, Horse trailer manufacturing was added on as an addition to the business. Double D had been selling horse trailers for a couple of years and immediately realized the need for a safer product in the market. In July of 2007, due to growing sales and more emphasis on horse trailers, Double D decided to leave the agricultural farm retail supply side of the business and go 100% Horse trailer manufacturing. In 2008, a 51,000 square foot new manufacturing plant was acquired to build a redesigned 2010 body sytle trailer. Today, Double D Trailers has sold trailers in every state in the US, several in Canada and exports to Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Iceland, Lebanon and Europe.

You will find your experience with Double D Trailers a little different compared to other companies. Most horse trailer manufacturers sell thru a dealer network which drives up the cost of your new trailer. “We find that our customers really appreciate the added savings we pass on to them by selling factory direct” says Brad Heath, President of the company. And when it comes to service, you will always receive warranty and service from coast to coast thru Double D Trailer’s nationwide service partner program thru affiliates.